3G Enablers (Teldat 3Ge)

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The Teldat 3Ge is an external Interface Card (i.e. an external WIC ) that enables the enterprise router with 3G. This cutting-edge peripheral does not require additional Interface Card slots nor PCMCIA or USB slots in the router. The unique interface between the Teldat 3Ge and the router is Ethernet.


But the Teldat 3Ge is not a router, it is the interface that grants the Wireless WAN access to the router. The management of this new 3G interface is seamlessly integrated into the router engine, so that the service intelligence offered by the router for the land-line WAN service are fully available for the new Wireless WAN service. The standard-based communication on Ethernet between the Teldat 3Ge and the router guarantees the compatibility with a vast range of existing enterprise routers.



This innovative device offers an easy and cost effective solution for boosting the 3G in indoor scenarios. Enterprise routers are hosted in the Server Room or in the Data Center Room where typically there is lack of 3G coverage or, if present, the radio signal is not strong enough to guarantee broadband speeds at high 3G frequency bands.  Addressing this challenge, the Teldat 3Ge is placed outside the server room to the spot with the best 3G coverage and delivers the 3G service to the router over the corporate Ethernet network. This new approach overrides the need of expensive coaxial cables and repeaters to boost the 3G coverage.



Some Teldat 3Ge models include a VoIP to GSM Mediagateway so the office VoIP calls can be transmitted to the GSM network. The firm not only benefits from a least-cost call routing policy, but also its VoIP Disaster Recovery plan is improved with the option of local VoIP call breakin/breakout into the GSM network on emergency.





♦ Cost reduction and easy indoor 3G upgrade. 

No expensive coaxial wiring nor amplifiers is required to link the enterprise network platform to the 3G antenna, just the existing firm’s Ethernet wiring.


♦ Compatible with third party enterprise routers. 

The standard-based communication with the router guarantees the compatibility with a large range of third party enterprise routers.


♦ Fully managed from the enterprise router engine.

The Teldat 3Ge is fully configured and monitored from the router.


♦ Ready for Converged Services.

Flexible traffic flow distribution policies can be implemented in the enterprise router for the efficient use of the router land-line WAN and Wireless WAN (Teldat 3Ge) resources. The Wireless WAN access can also be shared with Voice traffic, thanks to the Teldat 3Ge Voice support  for least-cost call forwarding and emergency call breakin/breakout during disasters.


♦ Easy migration to future cellular technologies. 

The enterprise cellular technology is upgraded by just replacing the Teldat 3Ge.


♦ Best in class Scalability.

A single router can manage multiple Teldat 3Ge devices, allowing for the coexistence of independent Wireless WAN services in the enterprise for Disaster Recovery.



Main features


♦ Auto-provisioning (No manual programming required)

A new Point-to-Point interface is configured into the router to manage the Teldat 3Ge. When the Teldat 3Ge boots up, it receives the full Ethernet and 3G programming on DHCP.


♦ Advanced 3G failure detection & reporting

Detection mechanisms based on control traffic flow tracking and inactivity timers, permits the Teldat 3Ge to report back to the router the cause of the 3G failure.


♦ Teldat’s World Class 3G diagnostics

The most complete radio interface monitoring information is available for an accurate service quality audition and accounting, such as the signal strength history report on the past hour, the serving and neighbor cell received instant power, transmission speed, detailed UTRAN info and AT Command Line Interface.


♦ VoIP to audio GSM Mediagateway

Some Teldat 3Ge models support local SIP call breakin/breakout to the GSM network.


♦ Small form-factor

Desktop and Wall mounted.


♦ Power over Ethernet support

The Teldat 3Ge supports PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and a external power supply (included in the package).


♦ SMA external antenna port

Allows for the use of a wide range of external RF antennas.


♦ External SIM card tray with anti-theft protection

By sliding the SIM card inside the SIM card slot, it is mechanically blocked. In order to take it out, the user must remove the Teldat 3Ge chassis.




 The 3G Enabler family



WWAN technical details





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