Terna - Rete Elettrica Nazionale SpA is the company in charge of electricity transmission and dispatching over the high-voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV) grid throughout Italy.

Its current structure is the result of the acquisition implemented in November 2005 of the branch of business of GRTN as defined by Prime Minister’s Decree of 11 May 2004.

Terna is a listed company. Its shares were first traded on the Stock Exchange on June 2004.

Currently, its relative majority shareholder is “Cassa Depositi e Prestiti”, having a stake of 29.99%.

 Terna - Rete Elettrica Nazionale Spa

Terna’s Business 

The Italian electricity system consists of four business segments: generation, transmission, distribution and retailing. Terna operates electricity transmission over the HV and EHV grid.

In particular:

Management & Operation of the Power System: Terna guarantees that demand and supply are in balance. Its National Control Centre and Local Control Centres operate the power system under security conditions. Terna pursues maximum efficiency of infrastructures and excellence in maintenance. Through its Teleoperation Centres, Terna controls and monitors the operation of its power installations.

Engineering & Operation of Power Installations: focusing on technological innovation and relying on field units distributed all over the country, Terna pursues maximum efficiency of infrastructures and excellence in maintenance.

Development of the Grid: Terna determines and executes development measures approved by the Ministry of Productive Activities, in accordance with the Plan which from 2005 to 2014 provides for the implementation of 160 projects (of which 16 priority ones) with an overall estimated investment of about € 2.1 billion (3,120 km of new lines and 57 new electrical stations). Terna promotes an environmentally sustainable development of infrastructures.

Terna’s Assets 

Terna owns over 90% of the national power transmission grid, i.e. the HV and EHV grid.

In particular, Terna has:

35,129 km of lines

380-kV lines: 9,538 km

220-kV lines: 8,053 km

<150-kV lines: 17,538 km

302 transforming and switching stations

3 teleoperation centres

The components of the grid are: i) EHV transformers, which withdraw electricity from national power plants (or from border points if electricity is imported from neighbouring countries); ii) EHV and HV lines, which carry electricity; iii) transforming stations, which feed electricity to distribution companies; the latter deliver electricity to homes and factories through retailing companies. 

Terna’s Remuneration 

For its business, Terna is remunerated on the basis of a tariff system established by AEEG (Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica ed il Gas - Electricity & Gas Regulator). Terna is remunerated for the use of the portion of the National Transmission Grid on the basis of a tariff consideration set by AEEG (revised every four years) for the management of the electricity system, on the basis of tariff items which reflect electricity market trends. 

Terna’s holdings outside Italy 

From 31 December 2003, Terna also controls two Brazilian companies, Novatrans Energia S.A. and TSN (Transmissora Sudeste-Nordeste S.A.), which are active in the energy transmission sector in Brazil. 

Each company holds a 30-year concession to operate the same services as those that Terna provides in Italy and for which it is remunerated. 

30-year concessions 

2,340 km of 500-kV links, of which:

1,077 operated by TSN

1,278 operated by Novatrans

7 electrical stations operated by TSN

6 electrical stations operated by Novatrans


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